Rockstar Confidence and



  • Would you agree that your self-confidence and your presence in a room effect your sales and business development success? 


  • Do you know you have a service or a message that you are ready to share with the world and you KNOW you need support in getting it out?


  • Do you know that your mindset, as well as your confidence in yourself and what you are selling, effects your communication skills, which determine your sales effectiveness?


  • Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence (EQ/IQ) Balance is CRUCIAL for sales and business success.  Are you ready to embrace an abundant, entrepreneurial mindset?


If you said YES to even one of these questions, You Are in the Right Place…I Can Help You With All of This and More! 


We have been systematically taught to ignore our instincts and intuition-both of which are our body and soul’s way of communicating with and through us.

This has created an unconscious discord within most of us and effects our success in every aspect of our life-EVEN BUSINESS.

The methods and easily implementable tools you will learn in this program will:  increase your confidence, help you develop your keen intuitive business sense, teach you to change self-sabotaging habits, add Joy to your life and give you the clarity you are seeking!


Here’s the deal:

Sales is simply:  You need something, I have what you need, I can help you, this is how.  This is the basis for all business relationships.

Confidence is simply:  Your conscious and sub-conscious beliefs about yourself and what you are selling, your abilities, your level of self-trust, and an embracing of your strengths and weaknesses.  Learning to communicate your internal clarity with calm strength is a game changer. It is the foundation of getting them to talk to you and interested in your message or services.  

Presence is simply:  The secret sauce that closes the sale. Presence reflects your Internal Abundance; nobody wants to buy from a pushy, inauthentic salesperson operating with a lack mindset!

Mastering these three elements is crucial for having successful sales conversations and building a successful business!


The 5 characteristics of a rockstar leader and businessperson are personal energy, inspirational energy, decisiveness, execution and passion. During the course of this program, you will learn to create these within yourself and to bring them into everything you do!  When we choose our daily actions according to our own unique, authentic place of personal power, we become the rockstars that draw the best out of our prospects, clients and teams, in turn creating high levels of productivity. 


Are you ready to step in and BE the ROCKSTAR you really are?!  

Contact Tracy ( with any questions and for payment plan options! 

Month 1:  

Personal Energy ~ Take Control of Your Life ~ Body, Mind, Soul ~ Learning to Listen to YOU


Month 2:

Inspirational Energy ~ Crafting Your Unique Message, Importance of Having an Abundant, Entrepreneurial Mindset

Month 3:  

Decisiveness ~ YOU are your answer:

Self-Awareness, Mindset, Confidence, Presence



Month 4:

Execution ~ The keys to successful business development and sales.


Month 5: 

Passion ~ Curiosity, Listening and Asking Good Questions, Say YES then Figure it Out

Month 6:

Feminine/Masculine~Emotional/Intellectual blend IS Captivating Presence and WILL build your business and close your sales!

Month 7:

Living With Integrity: Body, Life, Relationships, Business~The state of being sovereign, whole and undivided within yourself and your life.

Month 8:

 and Possibilities!