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To live your best life, you must strengthen, balance, honor and align your Body, Mind, Emotional Body and Your Spirit.  Make your choices for you, who you are right here, right now; not who you were in the past or will be in the future, but who you are right here, right now.  What brings you joy, pleasure, love, health & true happiness?  You are different than any other woman…why should your choices, work-out, body, business or your life look like anybody else’s?


We all hear the speech and business coaches say that it is imperative for us to be Present, vulnerable, completely in the Room and Embodied when we are speaking, working with a business deal or doing a sales call. It’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE! There’s just one big problem…most people have no idea what that actually means! Just like “working out” people think they should inherently know how to be in their bodies, but neither one is actually “common sense” or “normal” for most people! Most of us have had the Masculine intellectual and logical emphasized our entire lives, leaving our Feminine Essence and our embodied, confident knowing completely ignored.


In our work together, we get to you the Powerful Presence in the world place that you deeply desire: that place where you truly BE more confident in your own skin and you easily connect authentically and powerfully in relationships- whether that is more ideal clients, your ideal partner, or to an audience. It is only from this space that we shift our ability to influence others and change our lives. How we move in our bodies is a big indicator of our emotional, physical and psychological health. It’s a big indicator why your sales are down. It’s a big indicator of why you aren’t attracting the relationships you want. The work we will do goes way beyond Body Language or physical fitness…When we live life in our bodies with Feminine Intuition, Self-Love, Grace and Knowing instead of just in our heads and Balance it with Masculine Focus and Action, we experience our BEST life in a more joyous, loving, and financially abundant way!


Find this Comfortable and Confident place for yourself: Believe, Trust and Embody that you can and you can!


Most people know There’s a disconnect stopping them from having what they desire in their lives, completely showing up full on and/or from choosing better for and within themselves. It is absolutely true that we have everything within ourselves, we just often don’t trust knowing what we know, much less trust our bodies, because so many people have the misconception that they have betrayed us in some way! So many people are not open and willing to do whatever it takes to bring in what they truly desire for themselves…are you?!


8-Month Signature Coaching Program


Find what works for you!


“Strong & Sexy ~ Fit & Confident:

 Embodied Confidence”


In this customized program we meet, we talk, we do the work to dig into YOU to really find the areas that show up as things you need right now. There are 2 in-person or online private meetings and 2 email check-ins a month over the 6 months. You receive a video and a blog on the topic each month and self-work connected to the topic each month and what you are working with. You receive unlimited text support.


This program is PERFECT for speakers looking to explode their business and exude Captivating Presence!


Month 1:
Personal Power, Presence and Your Body

Movement, Posture, Embodiment
What IS Presence?
How are you being seen or not seen?
What’s your relationship with yourself and your body?How are they effecting your life and business? 
What do you truly want: life, body and business?
Impeccability, Confidence, Vulnerability and Beauty
Vision, Dreams and Goals

Month 2:
YOU are your answer!

Communion-Honoring of Yourself and Personal Responsibility in Relationship with Life and Others.                                               Clarity~Boundaries
Food and Environmental Sensitivities Testing. Biochemistry and Life
Dancing Through Life

Month 3:
Self-Love is the Feminine

What is this Self-Love thing, anyway!?                    Self-Love, Self-Care, Surrender.                                       ~The Ultimate Feminine.                                  Gratitude.                                                      Tolerations.                                                                Life As Art.                             Desire+Decision=Confidence.                                  Our Presence=Our Internal Abundance

Month 4:
BEing seen or BEing invisible

Scarcity:  Money, Food, Weight, Time
How are You Showing Up for You?
Your Willingness to be Seen and to See Yourself shows up everywhere in your Life and Business
Your Self-care Effects Your Whole Life and Business
How Grounded you are Determines your Life and Business Success                                             Scarcity- FOMO, Fear of not being good enough, fear of judgement, Fear of not being enough, Fear of there not being enough…


Month 5:
Feminine/Masculine blend IS Captivating Presence!

Feminine-Inward Energy-Emotional
~holding space, softness, waiting, patience, beauty, inspiration, empathy, intuition, confidence, motivated, nuanced, going deeper, feeling, knowing, moods, gut, trusting, believing, vulnerable
Masculine-External Energy-Intellectual
~action, focus, train-track, thinking, analyzing, studying, intellectualizing, justifying, evaluating, rationalizing, realistic, logical, research, implementation, force, controlling

Month 6:                               Living with and in Integrity

What is Integrity!?                                        “Wholeness”-Just as an Integer is a “whole number” with no fractions.                                                       ~20 attributes of Integrity
Life As Art
Desire+Decision=Confidence                                  Take a Step
Our Presence=Our Internal Abundance

Month 7:                                 Living Integration

Using your tools                                                        The unconscious is always going to show up to take                       over, it’s your job to choose differently and not let it 
How are you showing up for you?
Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence
Even if you are Having to go Back and Unravel a situation created out of Old Thinking, the Only Way to do it is to Use your Tools and take Smart, Decisive Action to Change it

Month 8:
Stepping out and Stepping in

Love your Body, Rock your Life                               Step on the mat
Revisit Vision, Dreams and Goals
Who are you? Where are you?  Where are you going? Who are you being?

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“Guts and Grace”:  Be Bold for Yourself 

6 month program helping you integrate Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit in ways that WORK for you, add Joy to your life, give you the clarity needed to create a profitable business and increase your Confidence in your body and yourself. This online course is available for people anywhere.

$1995 PIF or 6 Payments $350 each

“I’ll Have What She’s Having:  Embodied Confidence” or “Move Back Into Health”– Video Courses


I’ll Have What She’s Having:  Embodied Confidence          3-Part Video Series & Workbook
This three part video will get you started in the understanding that movement and self discovery is the key to a better TODAY.

Move Back Into Health- 3 Part Video Series working with your body’s movement and how everything interconnects physically and energetically in Whole Body Strength Work, Core Strength and Stretching.


Either $247.00


Unlock Your Success: Move Into Captivating Presence

Get your copy of Tracy’s E-Book (Kindle Edition) As Featured on Tracy Revell is a Presence and Confidence Coach who uses the words “Love your Body. Rock your Life” as a mantra for those who desire more confidence within themselves and in their bodies. She empowers people to become and BE more confident in their own skin, connected in their body-mind-spirit and projecting a captivating presence in the world.