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Embodied Confidence:

Private Coaching With Tracy

You Came Into This Life to Get to Know Your
  Soul, Not Sell It…

 Does this sound familiar?

  • You have measured yourself and your worth according to something outside of you for as long as you can remember.  You have no idea who you truly are outside of what you have been told you SHOULD be.
  • You lose it when challenges show up.
  • You are tired of feeling self-powerless.
  • You are tired of being tired, in pain, overwhelmed, feeling guilty, or simply tired of being fearful and stressed.
  • You are CRAVING a new way to live.
  • You are ready and willing to question everything you think you know, and to take control of your life.
  • You are willing to re-connect and commit to yourself WHILE being in integrity with everyone and everything in your life.


         There will never be “the perfect time”.

         YOU get to decide that it is time…let’s

         do this!

 Everyone wants to live their favorite life, the one that lights them up…
The key is finding your clarity, Embodied Confidence and personal path forward.

That path can often be elusive, popping in and out of sight, confusing and frustrating us. How do we overcome these feelings?  Well..what if there’s a way to embrace and even welcome them as the way showed ?

Throughout my life’s journey, I have come to understand time and time again, our perceived set-backs and challenges don’t lie in any personal failing they are ALWAYS a signal of the beginning of what is next.

What feels “normal” to us may well be disconnection…from nature, from other humans, and from our bodies…our soul is ALWAYS looking to shake things up with the intention of creating deeper self-connection.  

Disconnection from our bodies means disconnection from our personal  truths, innate wisdom and confidence.

“So how do I change this?”, you ask.  The answer is simple and not easy – you need to be willing to question everything you thought you knew to truly embrace what you know. Most of what you think you feel, think and believe right now is not your inner knowing, it is what you have been taught to think you feel, think and believe.  If you are truly ready and willing to examine it all, schedule a quick call with me and discover what else is possible!


You can continue to do the things that you have always done OR you can DECIDE to have the life, body, business and relationships that light your soul on fire!

    • Uncover and embrace the healthy lifestyle that works for you personally.
    • Take control of your life, your energy level and your mental health.
    • Have more love and unshakable confidence.
    • Change your relationship with your body.
    • Anchor your unequivocal Embodied Confidence and grounded sense of self to be ready for what comes next, no matter what.

 You have the keys to all of it.

To live your favorite life, you must strengthen, balance, honor and align your Body, Mind, Emotions and Your Spirit.  You must be willing to surrender the old to bring in the new.  You must be willing to make your choices for you, who you are right here, right now; not who you were in the past or will be in the future, but who you are right here, right now.  What brings you joy, pleasure, love, health & true happiness?  You are different than everybody else…why should your choices, work-out, body, business or your life look like anybody else’s? 

The healthier your BODY is, the easier it is to manifest what you want in this reality.  CHOOSE WISELY! 


Coaching with me is for the growth-focused person wanting to live their favorite life, who is COMPLETELY willing to question everything they thought they knew to truly embrace what they know.


In our work together, we get you to the Captivating, Vibrant, Happy, Powerful Self in the world place that you deeply desire: that place where you truly BE more confident in your own skin.


Find this Authentic and Confident place for yourself:  Believe and Embody that you can and you can!


Signature Coaching Program

  • Uncover and Act On What Works for You PERSONALLY!
  • Take Control of Your Life-Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit.
  • BE your Captivating, Vibrant, Sensual Self!

In this customized program we meet, we talk, we move, we collaborate…

Each Month Offers: 

  • 2 in-person, virtual or phone private meetings.  
  • Information about the focus of the month contained in a shared document. 
  • Self-work questions about the focus of the month and how it relates with you personally.

Month 1: Take Control of Your Life – Body, Mind,
            Emotions, Spirit

Month 2: Self-Confidence, Boundaries and
 – YOU are your answer!

Month 3: Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Mental Health 

Month 4: Charisma-BEing seen or BEing invisible                                                                        

Month 5: Balancing Emotional and Intellectual
            Intelligence IS Confidence!

Month 6: Living with Authenticity and
            in Integrity

Month 7: Living Integration

Month 8: Stepping out and Stepping in


There will never be “the perfect time”. YOU get to decide that it is your time.

You can continue to do the things that you have always done OR you can DECIDE to have the life, body, business and relationships that light you up!


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