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Embodying Professional Confidence and Leadership-become the strong, successful businesswoman that you want to be, while staying in your Feminine and having a self-confident, powerful presence.

    • Do you walk into a room, own it and are proud of it OR do you internally shrink for fear of being judged, criticized and marginalized by others?
    • Are you aware that your core unconscious beliefs in yourself effect your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, which determine your leadership effectiveness?
    • Would you agree that your self-confidence and your presence in a room effect your sales and business success?

      What if you were the ONE in a meeting whose input is anticipated & respected because of your centered authenticity?

      Here’s the deal:

    When women embrace the power of feminine centered creativity and emotional intelligence, balanced with the masculine ability to focus and take decisive action — they excel in every way in their lives. It creates a confident, powerful presence that attracts their ideal clients, makes them superior leaders, delivers extraordinary performance and results.

    Since creativity and innovation are crucial for entrepreneurs and companies to get and stay ahead of their competition, empowering women to develop these aspects of themselves is crucial! Being your best in life and business comes when you integrate mindset changes, attitude adjustments, power posture and taking care of your body to enable you to operate at peak levels! When you work with Tracy, you will learn the 7 easy, powerful must-haves and that will help you find that elusive “balance” and accomplish what you want in your life…

    The Bottom Line:

    When women change their relationship with their own personal power, self-care, and emotional intelligence, it changes every interaction and relationship they have, business and personal.


    • Nearly nine in 10 women agree that relationships with colleagues (88%) and direct supervisors (86%) have a big impact on how happy they are with their jobs.
    • According to a 2013 CareerCuilder study, 50% of respondents said “increased recognition” would entice them to stay with a company. (
    • As predominantly male fields, it’s no surprise a lingering old boys’ club attitude in the science, engineering and tech industries isolates women. Surveyed women describe these as the “lab-coat culture” in science that encourages long unforgiving hours, the “hard-hat culture” of engineering and the frat-like “geek workplace culture” of tech. These environments tend to make working women feel out of place as a result.
    • Turnover tends to be higher in environments where employees feel they are taken advantage of, where they feel undervalued and ignored and where they feel helpless or unimportant. ( When women become core confident within themselves, they are able to know their own inherent value and leave behind things outside of themselves impacting them negatively.
    • The costs of turnover are high: According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers will need to spend the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary in order to find and train their replacement. Doing the math, that means that for an employee salaried at $60,000 will cost the company anywhere from $30,000 to $45,000 to hire and train a replacement. Other research shows that the average costs could be even higher. In a study conducted by the Center for America Progress, the cost of losing an employee can cost anywhere from 16% of their salary for hourly, unsalaried employees, to 213% of the salary for a highly trained position! So if a highly trained executive is making $120,000 a year, the true loss could be up to $255,600 to the company! (
    • Gallup researchers have studied human behavior and strengths for decades and discovered that building employees’ strengths is a far more effective approach than a fixation on weaknesses. A strengths-based culture is one in which employees learn their roles more quickly, produce more and significantly better work, stay with their companies longer and are more engaged. In this study, a vast majority (67%) of employees who strongly agree their manager focuses on their strengths or positive characteristics are more engaged, compared with (31%) of employees who strongly agree that their manager focuses on their weaknesses. (
    • In addition, when women are centered and empowered, they are less easily offended and fewer lawsuits for harassment are filed. This fact alone is huge for a company’s bottom line; Sexual harassment is a cost that many companies will have to face at some point: A 2010 study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that more than a third of companies had dealt with sexual harassment claims within the past two years. If the claim can be handled via an internal investigation and remedy, a company may be able to contain the costs, but things get expensive quickly if the employer files suit. If that happens, the company is going to incur a $100,000 bill in legal fees and investigations even if they win, according to a recent article found in (

    My services include:

    • A 6 week group program focused on creating a solid foundation
    • Seminars and Webinars personalized for your organization’s needs
    • Private Coaching 


    Real Women – Real Stories

    Below, along with the 2 written client testimonials, you will find an audio testimonial from one of my private clients, who had been working with me at the time for 4 months. This client has worked in Product Line Management for a telecommunications company (Ciena) for 12 years, where she has always been the only woman on the team in a sea of men.

    When we began working together, she had lost the sense of purpose in her career and had been looking for a new job for the past year. Recently with the discovery of her internal personal power and feminine energy she’s calmed down by being very present in the moments of the day and re-evaluated her career from this new perspective. She has balanced it with her external drive for excellence in her work and brilliant intellectual intelligence, which was all she knew how to access before, and it burned her out.

    Making these changes within herself has reignited her drive in the day-to-day life of product management and she no longer feels the need to look elsewhere. In the attached recording, she details how doing this work has impacted her focus, sense of value, productivity and sense of recognition, especially in interactions with her direct supervisor. She just returned from a trip where she met him in person for the first time, even though she has worked with him for years.


    Program Details

    Clarity-Self Assessment and Baseline

    • Education, understanding, experience, and integration of the concepts.
    • Knowing each participants’ beginning baseline, areas of opportunity and potential growth as well as desired outcome.
    • Participants will be offered group sessions as well as customized self-improvement guidelines pertaining to their specific needs. Participants can add individual sessions for an additional cost.
    • Participants will uncover the ways they are ineffectively communicating and learn immediately implementable tools and skills they can bring into their everyday lives.

    Empowered Action, Integration and Evolution

    • Bringing their learning into every aspect of their work life, as well as whole life.

    • Reinforcement and repetition designed to fully integrate the participants’ changes.

    • Re-evaluation, implementation and next steps.


    When women become core confident within themselves, they are able to know their own inherent value and leave behind things outside of themselves impacting them negatively.

    When women change their relationship with their own personal power, self-care, and emotional intelligence, it changes every interaction they have, business and personal.

    I look forward to exploring ways we can work together to help the women in your company thrive within your company’s culture!


    Week 1: Confidence, Personal Power

    People with high levels of confidence and personal power achieve high levels of productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

    Week 2: Self-Awareness, Presence

    Personal Presence vs. Body Language
    Being Seen vs Invisible
    A person’s presence in the world is a reflection of their internal emotional intelligence and personal power.

    Week 3: Understanding Boundaries

    Familiarity creates closeness. Closeness creates trust. Trust is crucial for effective workplace relationships.
    When individuals operate from a strong sense of clarity and personal power as well as trust, they much effectively establish clear limits and guidelines that preserve the professional relationship above all else.
    Self-Care, Gratitude


    Week 4: Emotional Intelligence, Intellectual Intelligence

    Feminine-Inward-Emotional Intelligence-Listening
    Masculine-External-Intellectual Intelligence-Action

    Week 5: Whole Life, Integrity and Effectiveness

    How we do everything is how we do everything
    Focus is having clear vision and comprehension.
    Focus > Significance, Effectiveness
    Focused and centered people with high levels of Personal Power strive for appreciation, satisfaction and meaning in their interpersonal world, regardless of their environment.

    Week 6: Engagement, Integration and Evolution

    Engagement, Integration and Evolution
    Re-evaluation, implementation and next steps.

    Finding a stronger part of myself and rockin’ challenging workplace situations with greater ease and respect!

    Finding a stronger part of myself and rockin’ challenging workplace situations with greater ease and respect!

    “Being in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry, I work with a lot of masculine personalities. My work with Tracy has helped me build my confidence in a way that helps me communicate in a direct and confident way while still feeling true to who I am. I have been able to tap into a stronger part of myself that has enabled me to step into more challenging situations at work and earn greater respect with the Vice Presidents of my firm.

    My body image and personal power have also shifted, with working with Tracy. Tracy helped me to define what personal power means to me. I now have my own personal mantra that I use regularly to keep myself centered. Tracy’s constant reminding of my body/mind connection has helped me to be more appreciative and loving towards my body.”

    Christine Gendron, Project Manager

    I’m able to be Present, when I was never able to before

    “I used to find myself pulled into all the “stuff” around me at work. Since I’ve been working with Tracy, I’m able to be present with myself and leave behind the conversations that do not bring value to me, allowing me to feel more positive and confident in my work environment.”

    Lea Chew, Program Manager

    I was better able to connect…

    “A few months ago I was concerned about losing my job and now know I have positioned myself as one of his pillars on his team”

    Katie Reager, Product Line Management (telecommunications company)