Hi! I’m Tracy Revell!


I’m a Presence and Confidence Coach. 

I teach my clients that they are so much more than they think they are.

I empower my clients to:  trust themselves, have more energy and joy in their lives, have bigger impacts in their worlds, take smart decisive action AND get what THEY want for themselves.

Embodied Confidence is the result of owning, loving and living your power, full on!


Most people know there’s a disconnect stopping them from living their favorite life, showing up full on and choosing better for themselves, AND they have absolutely no idea what it is.

The bottom line: illuminating your blindspots, unlocking your doors and moving with confidence is going to be completely different for you than for somebody else.  How we relate to the Body, Mind and Spirit is how we relate to Life. Embrace your biggest Challenges and your inner wisdom. You are so much more than you think you are…

Here’s an overview of what I’ve studied and draw from in working with clients:

~I have a BS in Therapeutic Recreation.
~I’m Health & Fitness Instructor certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.
~I have a Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist certification, as well as many others in
   Rehabilitation, Kinesiology, and Posture & Alignment.
~I have several Somatic Movement Healing Certifications, including a Nia Black Belt, Pilates
  and Kundalini Yoga.
~I’m a graduate of the Energy Healing Avatar Master Course and an Access Bars Practitioner.
~I’ve studied several feminine empowerment practices with multiple women’s groups,
  not to mention moved through many layers of my own deep healing process around my
  body, my sexuality, and my idea of what it means to be a woman in the world today.
~I’ve studied several mental and emotional re-programming schools of thought with various
  mentors and have experience guiding people into deep subconscious reprogramming
~I have mentored with several leadership and business coaches, learning all of the intricacies
  of building strong businesses and teams.
~I’m an ordained inner-faith minister.


However, it wasn’t until 2014 that I brought it all together into Embodied Confidence Coaching and my Guts with Grace programs.

Again, with all of my experiences and all of my learning throughout my life, I came to recognize that everything is connected: our bodies and our connection with them, our awareness, our acceptance of our emotions, connection to Spirit, and our CONFIDENCE, which directly effects our ability to be successful in the world.

I also saw that women especially are presented with a unique struggle when it comes to personal power, doing what is best for them and their families while focused on professional achievement. Many women think the only way they can “get ahead” is to use masculine energy—and they end up feeling drained and disconnected from themselves when they try. They start to feel like success and self-care are at odds. 

When you live with a sense of Grace, trust, integrity, confidence, and self-connection—that’s where the authentic self-love, self-care and change is possible!

I’m so grateful to be sharing this work with the world, and helping more and more people to reclaim the power that is inherently theirs. To learn more about working with me, check out the Coaching and Programs pages.  Download the Freebie below and ponder the information, as it relates to you.  Feel free to touch base with any questions, comments or thoughts you might have…


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Stephenie Zamora helps direct the branding and web presence of Embodied Confidence with Tracy Revell and has been a partner in bringing Tracy’s vision to life. She’s fiercely committed to seeing individuals step into who they’re here to be and the work they’re here to do, which is why she loves Tracy’s mission of helping people get present, embodied, and fully expressed through Guts & Grace. Stephenie Zamora Media merges the worlds of online marketing, brand strategy, copywriting, design, and development to help turn passionate individuals into profitable entrepreneurs. Learn more about Stephenie’s website, brand strategy, and marketing services here.