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Are you ready for a speaker to give your team powerful and easily implementable keys to unlocking their greatness: Professionally Empowered AND Personally Grounded ?! 

Are you wanting to book a dynamic speaker with a fresh, inspiring take on becoming and being YOUR best?

When you hire Tracy Revell to speak at your event you get a gifted public speaker who will move you to uplevel your life! What if everyone walked away learning how to open their brain with movement? That sounds kind of funny right? Not to Tracy – her fun, get you “off your seat” presentation will touch everyone in unexpected ways. See how she empowers people to BE more comfortable in their own skin, bodies and body-mind-soul.

Success isn’t just in your attitude…OR in your mindset…it starts in your body.

Your audience members receive many “aha moments” as well as practical strategies and tactics that they can implement right away. Tracy consistently delivers incredible value to her audiences and is always committed that everyone leaves feels better about him/herself, more empowered, more confident.


Women, Power and Work: Embodying Professional Presence and Confidence

Everybody is at work all the time, disconnected from themselves-not to mention
our basic humanness, and it’s completely jolting to the nervous system. There is an ancient wisdom contained in Feminine Leadership, as well as the way these powerful women carry themselves and move through life. Embodied Confidence is embracing the entirety of you, isn’t it time?! Tracy teaches you to connect deeply to yourself and operate from this authentic place of power, using it to create desired outcomes in your life and business! She empowers you to make a bigger impact, be the inspired & inspirational face of your business & make a lot more money doing the work you love!

Embodied Confidence: Gorgeous, Brilliant, Talented and Fabulous

“Love your Body. Rock your Life.”, the mantra empowering women to become &

BE more confident in their own skin. Combining personal power with savvy life

skills is key to creating Captivating Presence and Embodied Confidence. Learn to

build your capacity to refine and maintain the powerful, yet delicate, balance of

your richly multifaceted life. The answer isn’t just in your attitudes…OR your

mindset…it’s in your body. Address what is holding you back and move forward,

creating the best course for you! Your posture, how present you are in your body

and how you take care of you communicates to the world who you are and how

you feel about yourself. It’s impossible to really give to or build up others if you’re

not taking care of yourself. Captivating Presence is a reflection of this abundance

within yourself. Embodied Confidence is embracing the entirety of you, isn’t it

time?!  When you come from a confident, connected, authentic place…that’s where

the magic happens!


Rockstar Confidence and Business

Feminine power allows you to listen between the lines for a person’s urgent needs and wants.  Sales is simply: you need something, I have what you need, I can help you, this is how. Confidence: gets them to talk to you. Presence: closes the sale.  Nobody wants to buy from a pushy, inauthentic sales person who doesn’t believe in themselves, isn’t clear with their messaging or what they offer. When you have a self-confident, powerful presence, and clearly communicate how what you offer is their answer, you easily attract your ideal clients as well as improve relationships everywhere in your business!


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I found Tracy to be engaging and thought-provoking…

Hi, here are some thoughts on you…As a speaker at our ABWA chapter meeting, I found Tracy to be engaging and thought -provoking. She will draw you in and make you want to know more about the amazing work she does. Now as a client, I’ve found Tracy to be an excellent coach and sounding board. She listens with her heart while guiding you to become the best you want, and can, be. Working with Tracy is already (2 months into our work together) proving to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past 20 years!”
Lisa Turner

I will try to use your exercise to help me keep moving forward in a “strong” and “powerful” way…

I recently had the pleasure of sitting through your presentation at the Makeup Eraser Convention, and wanted to share my reactions. I found I was emotional and moved to tears throughout the activities that you took us through.

You had asked us to quickly write down two words that described how we were feeling in that moment, and I wrote down “passionate” and “emotional”. You then asked us to change our posture to a “head over chest, over pelvis” and requested that we “drop in” and again write down two words that describe our feelings. It was so strange how the feelings I had in that moment were “strong” and “powerful”. That was an eye and mind opening exercise! It took just realigning my posture to feel so much more in control!

Later in the presentation, you asked us what the ONE THING is that we wanted to change. Mine was pretty big being “my work ethic in everything”. I was thinking about building my salon business, building my MUE business, working out, eating healthy. It was overwhelming to ponder, and I became very emotional. It felt like I had too much to work on. Then you asked what we could change in 30, 60, 90, 180 days by staying in that place. It seemed much more manageable to look at it in those little steps, but to imagine the large changes to come.

Thank you so much for your guidance in walking through those exercises! I will need to keep in mind how to calm myself and keep clear on my goals while I embark on my new journey. My family just moved from AZ to CO, so everything seems like a lot right now. I will try to use your exercise to help me keep moving forward in a “strong” and “powerful” way.

Daymyan Rice