Guts & Grace: Be Bold For Yourself 


Guts and Grace:  Do you have the Guts to Create and Live your Life and Business with Grace?


Guts and Grace:  The Anatomy of Your Health


Guts and Grace:  Love Your Body. Rock Your Life.


Awaken to the many forces that affect your well-being and empower yourself to thrive in a changing world!

What if there is a way to connect the dots for yourself and begin to move toward the things you want most in life: more money, deep and satisfying love, vibrant energy and health…?  No matter how long you’ve struggled and even if everything else you’ve tried has failed…In my 30 years of showing people how to have massive breakthroughs in their lives, the secret I have discovered is this: The FASTEST path to the love you want and the money you deserve runs right through your body and to deeply connecting to your internal Feminine. 


Tired of dead-end relationships? The answer to creating what you want is in your body. Desire to create your own personalized self-love plan without beating yourself up for feeling selfish?  Your body and heart will give you the details if you ask and listen.  Wonder why every career you choose ends up being just blah or your efforts to build a thriving business never get you where you want to be?  Your body will tell you why you are stuck. If you’ve been struggling with the same self-sabotaging behaviors keeping you from the things you yearn for: the answer isn’t just in your attitudes…OR your mindset…it’s in your body…


Now there is a program that can show you the way to unlock what’s stopping you. “Guts and Grace:  Be Bold for Yourself.” is an 8-month program empowering you to know what you want and to create what you desire:  Body, Life, Relationships, Business. By discovering what is stopping you and committing to change it, not to mentally process it over and over and over, you will find solutions to break the cycle and bring in better health, more money, improved relationships and more love!


What’s in it for you?

  • Identify root causes keeping you from what you want in your life, body and business.
  • Understand how your thoughts and beliefs directly effect your physical health.
  • Learn whole new ways of taking care of yourself that work for you!
  • Redirect your fear and bring in more dynamic ease, grace and flow.
  • Experience how your physical movement and posture effect everything you  do.
  • Change your embodied presence in the world to explode money and abundance!
  • Be stronger in your relationships by connecting deeply to your internal Feminine and yourself.
  • Once and for all, destroy self-sabotaging habits stopping you from receiving more money, more love and more joy!


The Guts and Grace program:


  • Beginning Group Focus and Intentions Call with all participants
  • Month 1:  Physical Body Confidence
  • Personal Journal
  • Embodied Confidence Cards and the accompanying book
  • Guts and Grace instructional whole body and core movement videos 
              ~Physical Self-Care
              ~Biology of Belief
               ~Fitness-Profound Importance of finding what works for you
              ~Nutrition-Profound Importance of finding what works for you
              ~Brain and Gut Connection
              ~Nervous and Endocrine System
  • Month 2:  Mental Body Confidence 
  • Mind-Body Connection article by The Chopra Center with bonus list allowing you to explore your own personal messages
  • PDF of Louise Hays’s original book “You Can Heal Your Life”
  • Easy to reference Copy of the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
                 ~Moving Meditation
                 ~Form and Discipline
                  ~Visualization-We are all making everything up anyway
                 ~The Mind’s  Job-he is always attempting to keep the status quo to keep you safe.
                 ~Acknowledging strengths and weaknesses:  working with them from a place
                of personal power
  • Month 3:  Emotional Body Confidence 
  • Copy of the poem “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
  •  “Living with Guts and Grace: Confidence and Ease” article by Tracy Revell
  • “Presence and self-love quotient in life and business” article by Tracy
                  ~Importance of Physical Movement:  Emotion in Motion
                  ~Feeling vs. Getting Lost in it
                  ~Clarity and Boundaries
                  ~Self and Other Love
                  ~Inspiration and intuition
  • Month 4:  Spiritual Body Confidence
  • PDF of “Creation of Health:  The Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing” by Caroline Myss and Norman Sealy

                   ~Soul Agreement
                    ~Honoring the True Presence
                    ~Your Unique You
                    ~Relationship to Self and Others
                    ~Connection, Communication, Communion
                    ~Feminine and Masculine 

  • Month 5:  Scarcity:  Being Seen or Being Invisible
  • Money, Food, Weight, Time
  • Avoiding, Ignoring
  • 9 Core Fears
    ~Being Judged as Wrong, Bad or Perfect
    ~Being Worthless, Unworthy, Needy or Inconsequential                      
    ~Failure of Being Incompetent or Unable to do
    ~Being Abandoned, Ignored or Defective
    ~Overwhelm and Intrusion
    ~Fear of Fear Itself, Being Alone or Being Blamed
    ~Missing Out or Being Limited
    ~Showing Weakness and Vulnerability.                                                  
    ~Being Unlovable, Shut our or Inharmonious
  • Month 6:  Living With Integrity:  Body, Life, Relationships, Business
  • Month 7:  Living With Integration:  Body, Life, Relationships, Business
  • Month 8:  Love it.  Live it.  Own it.

                 ~Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence
                 ~Internal and External
                 ~Moving Through Life with Confidence and Ease
                 ~Moving Through Life with Guts and Grace

  • 1 monthly private session with Tracy Revell
  • 1 monthly private email/messenger check in with Tracy
  • 1 monthly group session with Tracy and an expert contributer
  • Ongoing interaction with Tracy, all participants and all contributors in the Private Facebook forum
  • Weekly Inspirational Messages
  • Weekly Movement Check-ins
  • Ongoing Access to Ideas and Tips from the expert contributors
  • Private Guts and Grace Forum


This program will support you in creating create a Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit integrated life that WORKS for you, adds Joy to your life, gives you the clarity needed to create a profitable business and increases your Confidence in your body and yourself. Our next Guts & Grace Program begins Fall of 2021.


Our next Guts & Grace Program begins Fall 2021.  Join us, it’s time to stop the endless cycle that keeps you stuck!  It is your birthright to be Gorgeous, Brilliant, Talented, Fabulous, claim it!