Rockstar Confidence and



  • Do you know you have a message and skills that you are ready to share with the world and you KNOW you need support in getting it out?
  • Would you agree that your self-confidence and your presence in a room effect your sales and business success?
  • Do you know that your core confidence in yourself effects your communication skills, which determine your leadership and sales effectiveness?
  • Are you ready to be the listened to, respected and successful businessperson who gets things done without losing yourself?!
  •  Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence (EQ/IQ) Balance is CRUCIAL for Sales and Business success.


Then You Are in the Right Place…I Can Help You Do All of this and More!


My methods and easily implementable tools will:  increase your confidence in your body and yourself, teach you to change self-sabotaging thoughts to ones that that WORK for you, add Joy to your life and give you the clarity needed to create a profitable business, as well as improved business relationships.

We all hear the speech and business coaches say that it is imperative for us to be Present, vulnerable, completely in the room and Embodied when we are speaking, working with a business deal or doing a sales call. It’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE! There’s just one big problem…most people have no idea what that actually means!  Just like “working out” people think they should inherently know how to be in their bodies, and neither one is actually “common sense” or “normal” for most people!  Most of us have had the Masculine thinking, intellectual and logical emphasized our entire lives, leaving our Feminine Essence and our embodied, confident knowing completely ignored.


Here’s the deal:


Sales is simply: You need something, I have what you need, I can help you, here’s how.  In truth, this is the basis for all business relationships.

Confidence: This gets them to talk to you and interested in your products or services.  Learning to communicate from your internal clarity and calm strength is a game changer.

Presence: The secret sauce that closes the sale. Presence reflects your Internal Abundance; nobody wants to buy from a pushy, inauthentic salesperson operating from scarcity!

Creativity and innovation are crucial for building a successful business

 The 5 characteristics of a rockstar leader and businessperson are personal energy, inspirational energy, passion, decisiveness and execution. When we connect deeply to ourselves and operate from our unique, authentic place of personal power, we become the rockstars that draw the best out of our prospects, clients and teams, in turn creating high levels of productivity. 

What if we truly move through our everyday life curious to hear people’s untold stories?

What if you choose to see the connection that we have with each person and act from that connection? The differences we think are real would dissolve and we could truly create change!

What if instead of waiting for others to be vulnerable and share who they are, WE LEAD and go first? Then what magic will we create?


What if your answer to building your business, rocking your speaking gigs, having powerful conversations and creating more income was right under your nose and you didn’t even know it?! Discover how to tap into the most powerful resource you already possess and immediately start delivering results! 

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Month 1:  

Take Control of Your Life ~ Body, Mind, Soul

Month 2:

Clarity:  Your Unique Message, Soul Purpose and What You Want to Share

Month 3:  

YOU are your answer:

Self-Awareness, Life Force/Charisma, Personal Power, Confidence, Presence



Month 4:

Sales is:  You need something.  I Have What You Need.  I Can Help You.  This is How.


Month 5:

Feminine Leadership~Being Seen or Being Invisible.

Month 6:

Feminine/Masculine~Emotional/Intellectual blend IS Captivating Presence and WILL build your business and close your sales!

Month 7:

Living With Integrity: Body, Life, Relationships, Business~The state of being sovereign, whole and undivided within yourself and your life.

Month 8:

 and Possibilities!

~What you know to be true is true for YOU-respect yourself and others, their truth could be very different. NOW what is possible?